Why do People Migrate After All – Top 5 Reasons

Do you want to settle in Europe? You are not alone. We come across a large number of people every day who want to move to the United States, Germany, UK or other European countries.

For some, Migration is a choice made by him in search of better opportunities. And sometimes people are forced to migrate due to various issues that we will discuss in this article.

We have been hearing this for the past few years. People are just not happy in their home country. They see an option, migrate. In this article, let’s find out the major reasons why people migrate.

Bad Economy

Poorly performing economy, financial crisis are some of the top reasons that throw an individual into the arms of migration. Let’s get it straight. You have a family to feed and you do not have a job. What would you do in such a scenario? If moving to another country gives you a hope for a better life for your children, you would definitely want to go move to the country.

Social Disproportion

Social disproportion comes at number 4. When there is a social inequality, the desires of an individual are suppressed. The individual is not able to live his life freely and is under the surveillance all the time. Be it on the basis of religion, caste, colour or anything else, discrimination has never done any good to humanity.

Political Struggle

Politics is at number 3. Unstable policies because of political struggles are another major reason propelling people to migrate. When you don’t know what are the policies of your government and those too can change any minute, immigration is looked as an opportunity to escape.

Civil War

Civil war is at number 2 on our list. Think of a country where there’s an internal war going on. There’s fear everywhere and no one is protected.In such cases, your natural tendency would be to safeguard your family from any mishappening.

The Desire for a Good Living

A desire to live a happy and better life tops our list when it comes to the biggest reasons behind immigration. When it comes to a better education, better job, this desire in itself is the biggest motivation.

So next time, when you think of moving abroad, remember you are not alone.

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