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What Is Immigration And Its Types?

How much land area does the earth have? Who owns it? People, as in social term are powered by a free spirit that has led them to occupy 10% of the land, while the total land space is about 197 million square mile. When people migrate from one place to another country in search of whatever they are searching for and live there permanently are called as Immigrants and this act is called immigration.

Migration shows the trend in social change. People migrate from their place in search of a better living. They migrate from village to cities, from one city to another and from one country to another. In modern times, technological changes are taking place in Asia, Africa and Latin America due to which these regions are witnessing large-scale migration from rural to urban areas.

Migration Types:

1. Immigration and Emigration

They are the sides of the same coin. When you leave a country to live in another is termed as Emigration and when you live permanently in another country, that’s Immigration. For example, if you are travelling from Russia to America, for Russia you are emigrant while for America it is termed as Immigration.

in out migration

2. In-migration and Out-migration

In-migration means when you migrate within an area only, while out-migration means migration out of the area, Both of the migration are called internal migration that occurs within a country. For example, you are migrating from Delhi to Bombay, for Bombay you are an in-migrant and for Delhi you are an out-migrant.

net migration

3. Gross and Net Migration

During any period of time, the total number of persons coming in a country and the total number of people going out of a country for residing is called gross migration. The difference between the total numbers of persons coming to reside in a country and going out of the country for residing during any time period is termed as net migration.

Internal Migration

4. Internal Migration and External Migration

Internal migration means the movement of people in different states and regions within a country from one place to another. On the other hand, external or international migration refers to the movement of people from one country to another for permanent settlement.

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