3 ways to Immigrate to USA

The United States is the most chosen option considered by foreigners when it comes to immigration. The United States is a dream destination for many and foreigners wish to relocate to America as they think that the country offers lots of opportunities. The United States is short of skilled workers in the field of science, technology, engineering, maths and few others. Therefore, US employers generally hire workers from foreign countries which create more possibilities for foreigners to immigrate to the USA.

There are many ways by which you can immigrate to the United States. Here, we are giving you 3 effective ways which will definitely help you to immigrate to the United States of America.

Family Based Immigration

You can easily immigrate to the United States if you are a family member of a US citizen or PR holder. But the condition is that family member who is US citizen must be willing to sponsor you financially. He or she must file Form I-130, Petition for Alien Relative to sponsor you. You can easily become US immigrant by this method as there is no limit on the number of immigrant visas issued to the spouses, minor children and parents of US citizens.

You can get immigrant visa easily if your spouse or parent is a permanent resident of America. Immediate relatives of PR holders have to wait for few years as they will not get US immigrant visa immediately. Spouse or child of PR holder can get Green Card but they need to wait and wait time depends on the country of citizenship.

Employment-Based Immigration

You have employment-based immigration also if family-based immigration is not suitable for you. This method is not applicable for everyone as you need to have specific job skills and a US employer must be willing to hire you and sponsor you the Green Card.

You also need to hold a college degree in a speciality occupation. The US employer who is giving you permanent job should be willing to file applications related to labor certification as well as should pay the legal fees for you.

US employer must file Form I-140 and sponsor you if you want to get Green Card through an employment offer.

You can also a become permanent resident of United States if you invest $1 million in a US business venture. This is one of the quickest and costliest ways to immigrate to the USA.

You can also get Green Card through self-petition. This is for “Aliens of Extraordinary Ability” and for those who have been granted National Interest Waivers.

There are certain specialized jobs in the US which if you managed to get can easily give you a US Green Card.

Green Card Lottery

Every year, US Congress conducts Diversity Visa lottery program for the foreigners from under-represented countries. This helps the foreign nationals who don’t have job offers or relatives in America to get themselves US Green Cards, to immigrate to the United States. About 50 thousand Green Cards are being issued every year to people who participate in the Green Card lottery program. The only condition which makes you eligible for this program is that your country of citizenship must be present in the list of countries of under-represented countries.  

Getting an immigrant visa to USA is not that difficult if you have any of these options available for you. USA is a great place to work and settle as there is more respect for the citizens and many more opportunities which makes it the best choice for anyone to immigrate. Do share with us which of these options helped in your case.

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