Immigration Purpose

Top Reasons For Immigration

Globalization is removing all kind of barriers between nations. People are moving to different nations and people from different nations must be coming and settling in your country. In Fact, we all know at least one person in our social group who has packed his bags and moved to a different nation or we know someone who is planning to move to abroad. Even we at some point in time must have had a thought of moving to a new country.

It is an extremely common practice these days. Lots of people migrate. Migration is like some new trend in the society. But what is the reason behind this? Why are people migrating to foreign lands these days? What is making migrating to a foreign land trending? Why do people leave their own countries?
Well, there are numerous reasons that immigrants have for shifting to a foreign land.

Here are the few top reasons behind migrations:


Most of the people who leave their country and move to some other nation have this reason in mind. They feel that they can earn better in a foreign country. They find various sources through which they can earn. Countries like Saudi Arabia, USA, Australia, Canada, etc. provide various sources through which people can earn. Wage rates are also higher in these countries and thus immigrants feel that they can earn better in a short span in other countries than their own country and that is why they migrate.


Sometimes a person gets a job offer in a foreign land. And generally in such offers, accommodation and traveling are borne by the employer and also the pay is higher. So immigrants find such offers beneficial for their growth and decide to move to the offering country.


The most common reason among the students to move to a different nation is education. Sometimes the courses which students want to pursue is not available in their own country and thus they move to those countries where the course of their choices are available. Also, the educational quality is better in developed countries, so, parents usually send their children abroad in order to give the best educational facilities to them.


Lifestyles in developed countries are obviously better than that of developing or underdeveloped countries. People get attracted to the lifestyles of foreigners and thus decide to move to other countries. Generally, countries like Canada, UK, USA, Australia are preferred as they have a higher standard of living.


There are various countries in the world which are currently not safe for their residents. Either the countries are in a state of war( Syria, Iraq, South Sudan, etc) or countries don’t provide the kind of freedom people want ( Saudi Arabia, Mali, North Korea, etc). So in order to get the freedom of living and also to live in a safe environment, people prefer to move to other countries. USA, Canada, Switzerland, Singapore, Germany are among the best countries to live in terms of freedom of living and safe environment.


Some countries lack the basic services which citizens require or have low-quality services, like health care, education, banking, employment, etc. and to prevail good quality of these services people decide to move to foreign lands.

So, these were the top reasons behind the movement of people from one country to another. Are you also an immigrant or planning to move abroad? What are your reasons?

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