Top 5 Nations With Highest Number Of Immigrants

Money, freedom, independence, financial growth are some of the reasons for migrating to a different nation. Many nations have different rules and regulations for accepting immigrants. The number of immigrants a country receives depends on these rules and regulation. There are many reasons as to why people prefer to move from their homeland. Every year there are huge numbers of migrants that go and settle in different countries. They consider factors like the ease of work, freedom of religion, benefits to family, education and earning prospects before selecting a nation to migrate to. Here are the top 5 nations of the world which have the highest number of immigrants:


The US is considered to be the most popular country among the immigrants. 14.5% population of US is formed by the migrants which roughly counts to 46.6 million people. The US has four times more immigrants than any other nation. The main reason behind this popularity of America is the social and economic opportunities it provides to the residents. Immigrants get attracted to the western lifestyle, the social freedom and earning opportunities present there. Many other attractions for immigrants include a solid education system, developed infrastructure, and independence.


Germany is undoubtedly one of the most popular destinations for migrants. Due to its super elite education system and work opportunities, Germany has by far homed 12 million immigrants. 14.9% of the population of Germany is composed of citizens which are not born in Germany.


Russia is famous for actively inviting and encouraging immigrants. But the number of immigrants in Russia has actually decreased in past few years and the reason behind this decline is the ban that Russia has imposed on various communities. Despite this decline, Russia has 11.6 million immigrants which means its 8.1% populations is composed of people who are migrants.


Saudi is considered one of the best countries when it comes to job opportunities. Workers there earn a good amount of money. This attracts lots of migrants to Saudi. In the last decade, the number of immigrants in Saudi has increased more than any other nation in the world. Saudi has 10.2 million foreign-born residents which mean 32.3% of its population is build of foreigners. Saudi being a strict country is soon thinking of changing the rules for immigrants to curb this increase.


The UK has 8.5 million immigrants, making it the most preferred country in Europe for migrants. The UK is renowned for its education quality and work opportunities. These factors are constantly attracting more and more people to settle in England. 13.2 % of the population of UK is formed by the foreign-born citizens. India, Pakistan, and Poland are the top three countries whose people migrate to the UK.

So these were the top 5 countries with the highest number of foreign-born residents. If you are thinking of settling in a foreign land then do consider these 5 countries.

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