7 Humorous Memes And Cartoons On Immigration Reforms

1. Native American View of Immigration:

With the Trump in power, the Royals have to take their own shit and make their houses. This could be avoided when people stop criticizing about immigration rather live in harmony.

2. Complaining About Immigrants:

This guy needs to be kicked into the dense forest and tell him to form a civilization there.

3. Executive Orders On Immigration:

When someone is doing a good deed, there is always that someone who is there just to criticize.

4. Lincoln’s Executive Order:

Ya! Right. Why is that so casual and immigration such a threat?

5. Immigration Caution Sign:

The problem with being a leader is that you’re never sure if you’re being followed or chased.

6. Thanks, Jesus, For This Food:

The future belongs to the few of us, who are still willing to get their hands dirty in their farms.

7. Celebrating Great Nation Of Immigrants:

We have no problem with vigorous background checks on firearms. While at it do the same for immigration and voter ID.

Women are the majority of immigrants yet the minority of immigrant employment visas; immigrant and native born women who work in the service arena – such as domestic workers – are not valued for their work, making pennies on the dollar compared to male counterparts; and, women are disproportionately affected by family reunification policies-Christine Pelosi.

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