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Frequently Asked Questions In Visa Interviews

Visa interviews can be really tricky sometimes, especially the first time. Authorities seem to get quite intimidating and many people tend to get nervous. Due to that nervousness people often speak wrong answers and face problems in approval of the visa.

The questions which are asked during the visa interview are not tough at all. They are just some questions about you, your life(marriage, kids,etc.), reasons for your travel, stay durations, etc.

But don’t worry, for the people who are soon going to give their interview for the visa or who are planning to apply for it, here are some sample questions that might get asked:

1.”Why are you going to ______(name of the country)?”

Just simply state the reason in one or two line. For example, “I am going to visit my son and some tourist purposes.”

“Have you ever been to ______(name of the country) before?”

Give the true answer, YES or NO. don’t lie as the consultant might cross-check with the records.


“Who is going to sponsor your visit?”

Just tell the relation you have with your sponsor Provide the name is they ask for it. For example, “my son is going to sponsor me.”

“Where will you stay in _____(name of the country)?”

Memorise the address which is written on your visa application and you are supposed to say the same address in the interview.

“What does your sponsor do for his/her living?”

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Tell the designation and the place where your sponsor works. For example, “My son works as a professor at XYZ College.”

Show the proof only if asked.

“How much does your sponsor earns?”

Tell the annual income of your sponsor. Like, “My sons earns _____ annually.”

Use the currency of that particular country. Carry the financial records along as the consultant can ask for it.

“For how long is your sponsor living in ______(name of the country)?”

Give the true details about the years your sponsor has been living in that country.

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“Is your wife/husband going to accompany you on the trip?”

Say YES or NO. “Yes/No, my wife/husband will accompany me on the trip.”


“Why are you traveling alone?” or “Why isn’t your husband/wife traveling with you?”

If you are unmarried, widow/widower, divorced, then say so. Otherwise, just state the exact reason. For example, “My wife couldn’t get a leave for this trip.”

“What is the purpose of your visit?”

Simply tell them the true reason. Like, “ I am going to visit that country to see all the tourist places and also to visit my son.”

“Have you booked your tickets?”

Say that you have booked the tickets.

“Have you booked your return tickets, arranged for medical insurance, etc.?”

Say that your sponsor will take care of them. For example, “My son will do it after my visa gets approved.”

“For how long will you be staying in _____(name of the country)?”

Tell them the duration. Like, “I am going to stay there for a couple of months.”

“Why do you want to stay for so long?”

Tell them that you are interested in visiting various tourist spots of the country and that will take few months.

“When did you meet your sponsor last?”

Just tell them the month and the year when you last met your sponsor. For example, “I last met my son in January 2017.”

Notes: These are the general questions that get asked in the visa interviews. Questions might vary from country to country.

Apart from these questions, you might get asked about your personal details. Personal details like your address, your job profile, office address, your annual income, etc. In case you are working then they might ask if you took a leave. If you are a business person then you might get asked that who will be looking after your business for so long. In case you are a retired person, you’ll be asked about your year of retirement and pension.

So just be prepared for all these questions for your Visa interview and do carry proofs about everything.

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